Ferroscan Services

cube_blackWorking from our base in Nelson, New Zealand, we use the HILTI PS250 or Hilton GPR PS1000 Ferroscan system to provide a non-destructive means of locating and measuring reinforcing bars and concrete cover. This ferroscanning system employs the induction principle, with the scanner locating rebars accurately and reliably within concrete structures.

cube_blackFerrroscan data can be immediately analysed on site.  The scanned data can also be displayed in a print-out document with an easily viewed and understood analysis report. This scan can reduce the cost of cutters and drill bits by accurately locating rebar and steel within concrete floors and walls.

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We find the Ferroscan Services scanner is an invaluable tool to determine the reinforcing in concrete structures. Having accurate information provided by Ferroscan Services is a time saving option for us and aids us tremendously in our reporting to our clients. Allan and his team are easy to deal with and offer a prompt and reliable service.
– W R Andrew BE MIPENZ, CP Eng (Civil & Structural Engineer)