Efficiently scan large areas and find embedded metal and non-metal objects, live wire, PT cables on multiple layers in concrete.


  • Accuracy of depth indication: <100 mm: ±10 mm;>100 mm: ±15 %
  • Localisation accuracy: ±10 mm
  • Max. detection depth for object localization: 400 m


  • Provides a real-time inside view of concrete structures and generates true images automatically for direct on-site evaluation of scan data by the user – no expert skills required
  • Features three scan modes for specific applications: Quickscan detection, Quickscan recording and Imagescan (2-D and 3-D data visualisation with top view and cross sectional views)
  • Compact all-in-one, hand-held design offers easy, user-friendly operation, quick start-up for speed of use plus unmatched data visualization
  • Displays a top view of the scan for easy object mapping plus cross sections in both directions for easy identification of multiple layers in concrete structures
  • Powerful monitor unit for in-depth, on-site scan analysis plus PC software for subsequent data evaluation and documentation


  • Minimizing the risk of hitting concealed objects when drilling anchor holes or through holes, breaking out openings and in diamond coring and sawing work
  • Rebar extension (post-installed rebar connections) in structural applications
  • Inspection of floors, decks, slabs, balconies, etc. in structures such as tunnels, bridges and buildings
  • Detection of voids and cavities
Source: https://www.hilti.co.nz/measuring-systems/detection-systems/r5042
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