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QuickScan Detection

Measures the location and approximate depth of cover over reinforcing bars at depths of up to 100mm allowing their position to be marked on the surface.

Quickscan Recording

Scans larger areas quickly and easily, records and evaluates data automatically while indicating the average depth of cover, number of bars found, mean depth of coverage and standard deviation

Image Scan

Scans multiple areas of concrete in a grid pattern. Locates rebars at depths of up to 160mm. Produces clear, easily interpretable 2D images of layout, for measurement of depth of concrete cover and for estimate of rebar diameter. Full analysis report supplied.

Block Scan

Multiple image scans linked for larger areas. Full analysis report supplied.


Accuracy of depth indication: <100 mm: ±10 mm;>100 mm: ±15 % 
Localisation accuracy: ±10 mm
Max. detection depth for object localization: 400 mm
Minimum distance between two neighbouring objects: 40 mm

The Benefits of Ferroscanning include

  • Avoiding rebar; reducing the costly problem of hitting rebar and increasing the life of tools and drill/core bits.
  • Reinforcement verification to assist with structural repairs, changed use of buildings, post installed reinforcement.
  • Checking coverage to assist with building inspection, earthquake strengthening work, renovations and quality control.

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